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About Us

AuctionBidPro is a subsidiary of WeSell-Domains (a KlickTheWeb company)!


WeSell-Domains has been buying and selling Top Level Premium .com Domain Names since 2004. We are a division of KlickTheWeb, a webhosting and domain registration company. We also have a sister site at DomainSpaces.com. Why another "auction site"? With the increased popularity of domaining, existing auction sites have started to charge outrageous "success fees" just for listing your digital assets. A 10% success fee is ridiculous. WeSell-Domains put in place this auction site (AuctionBidPro) to expedite the sale of these Top Level Domain Names and to offer this opportunity to the public to backorder, list and sell your domain names, websites and digital assets for a sensible and affordable cost. Standard listings are very affordable. Upgrades to make your digital asset listing stand out are available for an additional fee. We believe in shared success, that is if you are successful on our site, we also will be successful. Success breeds success. The more listings we have, the more traffic that will come to our website. Therefore, we will help to promote your digital assets that you have listed. All listing fees will be paid through PayPal to KlickTheWeb, our parent company.  

We are located in Florida on the beautiful Gulf Coast, a great place to live and work. Please join us today!  


Good Luck and God Bless.
Jack D.