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Backorder Expiring and Deleting Domain Names

Don't over pay for backorder services!


Backorder your expiring and deleting domains with us!  We capture extensions of:


(Other extensions may be available, please email us first)


Backorder Fee:  Fee includes one year of registration. Minimum fee is $20 USD

.com = $20
.net = $30
.org = $30
.info = $30
.biz = $30
.co = $50
.cc = $42
.in = $20
.co.in = $20
.io = $100 (1st order)
.io = $75 (thereafter)

Contact us HERE or, send an email to backorders@auctionbidpro.com from your registered email address, listing the domain name and deletion date (if known). After we have received your backorder request, we will add your domains to our backorder list for capture. Backorders must be placed before 1 p.m. UTC (8 a.m. CDT) the day of deletion.

If the capture is successful, we will send the requestor an email to a private link with a BIN price at the above fee schedule. If you are not already a registered member, you will have to register to claim your domain name. If two or more members backorder the same domain name and the catch is successful, then the domain will go into a three day auction with original backorder fee being the starting bid.  The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win the domain. If bids higher than the starting bid are not received, then the earliest backorder wins the auction.

Auction Bid Pro uses multiple registrars to increase our success rate of capturing deleting domains. Each registrar has different fees for domain purchases so we have taken the average price of registration to calculate backorder fees. Captured domain will be pushed to your account at the registrar. If you do not have an account, one will be created for you. Domain push can not take place until the expiration of the registrar's Money Back Guarantee Period (120 hours after registration).  For more information on this process, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


By placing a backorder with AuctionBidPro, you agree to the following:

1. AuctionBidPro and WeSell-Domain are NOT registrars, therefore captured domains will show WeSell-Domains as the domain owner in whois until a push or transfer is made.
2. Domain will be pushed to the buyers account as soon as possible after payment is made.

Backordering expiring and deleting domains with Auction Bid Pro is just that easy. There is no obligation if we are unable to successfully capture the domain for you. Use the Contact Us link if you have any additional questions.

Become a member today and start capturing your expiring and deleting domains for less!