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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Must I be a registered user to make an offer?

A. Yes, you must be registered with a validated email address for contact by the seller and by AuctionBidPro.com

Q.  I made an offer on a domain and the seller did not reject the offer, does this mean that I won the auction?

A. No, this means that the seller is willing to consider the offer. Per our listing guidelines for selling, we recommend that the seller accept the highest offer when the listing expires. The seller does this by declaring a winner at the end of the auction as more than one offer of the same amount may have been entered.

Q. As a seller, why do I have to renew my listings every 60 days?

A. Sellers typically list their digital assets with multiple venues. When the asset sells on one venue, sellers do not always remove the listing from the other sites. Renewing the listing helps us and the potential buyers to know that the listing is still available.

Q. Length of the Listing is locked in at 60 days. Why can I not change the length?

A. We allow the seller to close the auction at any time. Therefore, if you want a different length of time for the auction to run, please place that information in the body of the listing or in the "comment section". Or, if you prefer, send a message or email to "siteadmin" requesting a custom length be entered for your listing.