WeSell-Domains / a KlickTheWeb company

How it works

Auction Bid Pro allows buyers and sellers of domains and websites to meet up in a safe and secure enviroment to do business together.

There are many new and established websites and domain names that you can make an OFFER (BID) on as well as many with Buy It Now (BIN) options! Before transferring money for a successful bid, make sure you have good communications with the seller. We recommend only using PayPal or using an escrow service like Escrow.com to ensure your transaction completes properly. 

See our Legal Notice section for our terms and conditions for using the AuctionBidPro.com website.  AuctionBidPro will work the buyers and sellers to help resolve any issues or disputes should they arise.

OFFER Price: The lowest (reserve) BID that you will consider. If your sale is for a BIN only, leave the OFFER price at 0.00 and Offers will not be allowed. Don't want a reserve, set the OFFER price at 1.00.
BIN Price: Price that you are willing to accept immediately if offered. If your sale is OFFER (BID) only, leave the BUY IT NOW (BIN) price at 0.00 and Buy It Now offers will not be allowed.
RESERVE Price: Hidden reserve pricing wastes a buyer's time and is never  allowed. Make your starting OFFER (BID) price your Reserve price.

Seller's Guidelines:
If you are a seller, simply create a new account, add some credits to your account with PayPal to purchase listing and upgrades, then start listing your domains and/or websites for sale. BIN pricing helps the listing to sell quicker. Only list domains and websites that you own and have control over. We will check listings against the whois database.

Buyer's Guidelines:
As a buyer, create and login to your account. Click on the OFFER (BID) or BUY IT NOW (BIN) button. If it is a BIN, the auction will immediately close and payment instructions will be given. If an OFFER, the seller will be notified of the offer price. T
he current price of the domain or website is updated.  If the seller so desires, the auction can be ended early with this offer.  See Note 1.

Once the auction has ended, the seller will mark the auction as "sold"  and the auction is closed.  The software will notify the buyer that they "WON" the auction. After the auction is closed, contact information will be shared between the buyer and the seller. Communication between the buyer and seller can be direct, however the preferred method is by "private messages" on ABP's website. Do not bypass this important step as this leaves a paper trail of the transactions and communications if the need arises to view these later. 

NOTE 1: The buyer's offer is submitted to the seller.  The seller can then respond to the offer with a counter offer, wait for a better offer or accept the offer as is and close the auction early. Do not wait until the last minute to make your offer. The auction may close early and you miss your chance to buy the asset.   

NOTE 2: If the winning bidder defaults on his/her responsibility to pay at the close of the auction, all of the winning member's bids are null and void. The account of the defaulting member will be flagged. If the member gets two such flags, the member's account will be closed and the member will be banned from AuctionBidPro. The seller has the option to offer the digital asset to the second highest bidder at the price where the winning bidder started in the auction.  However, the second highest bidder is under no obligation to purchase the digital asset as the auction was declared closed and awarded. The seller can list the digital asset again if he or she chooses to do so.

NOTE 3: For privacy reasons, we do not publish the buyer's id. Only active members who have placed bids on a digital asset will be allowed to view the bid list. If you are an active bidder, email siteadmin@auctionbidpro.com or send a private message to siteadmin requesting the bid list.